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At Orbit Security we are the leading provider of Hikvision " The worlds No:1 CCTV Supplier" in the Northwest and we tailor all our packages to offer you a bespoke package to meet your requirements with everything from a domestic 2 camera system, a large commercial IP system or even a wireless town system. 


We would be happy to help you design an affordable CCTV system to match your requirements, so why not get in touch today. 


Turn Footfall into Business Opportunities with Orbit Security and Hikvision Deep Learning Technology.

Turn Footfall into Business Opportunities

Hikvision’s Deep Learning Technology in Smart Retail Solution

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In this ever-expanding era of artificial intelligence (AI), Deep Learning will soon become the foundational technology for the security industry. Technologies that “learn” will become more common and more powerful. This trend will strengthen critical security efforts in every sphere. Today, Hikvision’s three camera models equipped with Deep Learning algorithms will be introduced in the smart retail industry.

In the retail business, with the growing popularity of shopping online, the retail sector has felt the disruptive impact of Internet e-commerce more than most industries. Some have reacted to online competition by closing physical stores, but others are attempting to overcome challenges through technological transformation. Traditional retail lacks intelligent tools for accurate data collection and visualization, making it unable to provide a basis for business decision-making at the shop.


But now, Hikvision has developed a Smart Retail Solution that provides comprehensive CCTV security to protect staff and customers and assist loss prevention. Not only that, this smart retail solution features data collection and analytics for enhancing business value. Benefiting from Deep Learning Technology, three intelligent functions for retail support include people-counting to track customer traffic and volume, heat mapping to know the popularity of goods in the shopping area, and queue detection to monitor the queuing situation in real-time. 



There is an old saying in the trade industry: “small profits but quick turnover”. And footfall is a “KPI” – key profit indicator – that can help make that turnover. Compared to e-commerce, traditional offline retail stores lack the capabilities to accurately calculate customer flow. Hikvision’s Dual-Lens People-Counting Camera provides accurate customer counting and generates customer flow trends to evaluate performance and strategic initiatives.

However, in a real-world scenario, shadows or other objects may easily cause miscounts. The Dual-Lens People-Counting Camera, equipped with two cameras and powered by a Deep Learning algorithm, easily overcomes such interferences to deliver highly accurate people-counting data. A key advantage of Deep Learning algorithms over surveillance cameras’ vision algorithms is that Deep Learning can be continuously trained and improved with better and more datasets. This means the longer it works for you, the smarter it gets. Featuring binocular stereo vision, 3D people detection, and height filtering technologies, the Dual-Lens People-Counting Camera is able to accurately distinguish human beings from non-human objects in the background. Hence, these cameras distinguish human beings from other objects and movements in the background.

By analyzing customer flow data, store management can optimise the allocation of the workforce to reach higher profits and ensure better customer service. Store managers can schedule staff strategically for peak and off-peak hours. Furthermore, they can also develop strategic marketing activities to attract customers by analyzing the data of incoming rates (entering vs. passing by).


Heat Mapping


When customers enter the store, retailers are concerned about what merchandise customers are interested in. Before that, what's more important is how to get what route they walk and where they stop. With Hikvision’s Heat Mapping function, retailers can determine the amount of time shoppers spend in specific areas of a store, identify hot spots and dead zones, and measure the number of people who actually shop for specific products, rather than just casually walk by.

Heat Mapping is used to monitor and measure the size of target traffic in a region. It is a graphical representation of data represented by colors, and it is usually used to analyze the visit times and dwell times of customers in a specified area. The Heat Map function is often used in shopping malls, supermarkets, museums, etc., and can find customers' preferences over time through heat maps, offering insight how to best place items and design the store layout.

As a representative product, Hikvision’s Fisheye Cameras, equipped with heat mapping function, not only capture a panoramic high-definition image but also learn about heat conditions in different regions within a store. In spacious areas, fewer cameras means reduced installation & labour fees. Hikvision’s fisheye cameras are ideal for these areas, maximising monitoring views and image quality insurance.


Queue Detection


What do you do if you always have to queue for a long time when you are shopping? Keep waiting, or give up shopping and avoid that store in the future. In the retail industry, waiting time is one of the most important factors affecting the customer experience. Hikvision’s Queue Detection function can help retailers manage checkout lines. When too many customers enter a queue, it can notify management to open a new checkout line.

More specifically, Hikvision’ queue detection cameras can monitor the queuing situation in real-time. Firstly, cameras count the number of people in each queue, and then track the dwell time of each customer. Once it is found that the number of people in queue is too many, or the average dwell time of customers is too long, an alarm will be triggered to prompt a response. Store management will be reminded to open checkout windows to reduce waiting times, improving transaction efficiency and the entire shopping experience.

Hikvision Smart Retail Solution is designed to help retailers bring offline stores into a digital world, allowing data to support management and operations. And it will promote retailers’ technological transformation in response to increased industry competition through the use of innovative retail technology.



We are expanding our team..

With a great start to 2018 we are looking to expand our team to meet the demands of our ever growing client database. 


Orbit Security System are looking to fill the post of a security engineer. Are you looking for a change of career in 2018? Do you want to join a team were you can further your skills and work with the latest technology?

If so send your CV to emmet@orbitsecurity.ie  

Happy New Year

Happy New Year 


We would like to take this opportunity to wish all our customers and friends a happy and peaceful 2018 and thank you for all the support and custom in 2017. 

We look forward to doing business with everyone again in 2018  and with a lot of new and exciting projects and products on the pipeline were excited for what 2018 has to offer. We will keep you update on all new products throughout 2018. 

We will be back in the office again on Tuesday 2nd January. 

5 Winter Security Tips for the Holidays


Did you know more than one third of burglars enter Irish homes through a downstairs window? And one third of people are at home when their homes are burgled? And almost 10% of robbers entered homes through unlocked doors?

These are just some of the frightening statistics from a survey conducted with Irish home insurance owners. Orbit security offers a different perspective; things you shouldn’t do to keep your home secure.

1. Don't make your home a target 

Intruders plan the estates or areas they want to burgle. On the day or night itself, they look for signs that your home is the right one to choose. They are looking for: 

  • Ease of access through a door: this is an ideal point of entry even if there is a burglar alarm because there is a 40 second delay before your alarm starts sounding if you enter through a door.
  • A way to remain hidden to get through a window: solid side gates are ideal for this, no one can see them around the back of the house.

You know what the definition of home security is? Time. The longer a thief thinks it will take to get into your home, the less likely they are to try. They want to be in and out as quickly as possible. The average burglar only spends 2 ½ minutes in your home. 

2. Don't build a fortress

There are two reasons for this:

  1. You and your family may not be able to get out if there is a fire or other emergency.
  2. A burglar will wonder, what is secured inside? It must be worth taking.

3. Have more than one lock on your door

By having 2 visible locks on your front door, you are showing a potential burglar that your door is going to take longer to force in so they are less likely to try. Make the second lock a thumb lock on the inside so you don’t have to worry about finding keys if there is an emergency.

4. Don't keep your blinds down

If you are out during the day, keeping blinds down may seem like a good way to keep your home secure, but it only serves to get a thief’s mind wondering about what may be inside. Or, if they do gain entry they know they will be hidden from view while they are in your home.

5. Don't leave your home looking empty

This is especially important over Christmas when house thieves will know many houses around the country will be empty as people go to visit or stay with relatives. If you can, park a car in the drive and have a trusted key holder collect post and open curtains.

These are 5 simple but effective steps to take to lessen the chances of your home being targeted by a burglar. Don’t risk losing your valuables make sure your home is secure for peace of mind this Christmas.


Peace of Mind for Business Owners over the holidays.

Our gift to you this Christmas is Peace of mind.

Orbit Securitys Mobile Patrol and Static Security services are very popular at this time of year allowing you to enjoy the holidays with peace of mind. 

Business Owners are you closing for the festive season?  Who will answer your alarm calls on Xmas Morning? 

Having a few festive drinks this year, not a problem we can look after all your security needs. Our security service division work 24hrs a day, 365 days of the year allowing us to offer you 

  • Keyholding services 
  • Alarm Response 
  • Mobile Patrols 
  • Static Guards 
  • Retail Security 

We offer festive cover with no contracts. get in touch with us today for a free security assessment and quote.

Peace of Mind for Home Owners over the holidays.

Our gift to you this Christmas is Peace of mind.

Orbit Securitys Mobile Patrol and Static Security services are very popular at this time of year allowing you to enjoy the holidays with peace of mind. We offer all our services for homes as well as businesses. 

Home owners are you visiting relatives for the festive season?  Who will answer your alarm calls on Xmas Morning? 

Visiting loved ones over the festive season, not a problem we can look after all your security needs. Our security service division work 24hrs a day, 365 days of the year allowing us to offer you 

  • Keyholding services 
  • Alarm Response 
  • Mobile Patrols 
  • Static Guards 
  • Retail Security 

We offer festive cover with no contracts. get in touch with us today for a free security assessment and quote.

Orbit Security - Security tips for your premises.

Orbit Security - Security Tips 1 

Orbit Security - Security Tips 1 

Beat the Burglar with an Orbit Security Smart Security System. 

The average burglary only lasts 2 mins, this is a lot of time!

Securing your home isn't as difficult as it sounds. The first step is to add an Monitored Intruder Alarm System. Alarm systems act as a deterrent, particularly if they are monitored. 

It is important to be vigilant if going on holidays, especially if your home is unoccupied. Get a neighbour or friend to regularly check on your property, switching lights on and off. We can offer you packages for a smarter security system with smart lighting and other features to secure your home while your away.

Other than that, here are our top tips for nailing your home security:

  1. Ensure that all doors and windows have strong locks. This is especially important for patio doors, which are easy for burglars to access. The more time it takes to access your home, the less attractive it is to a burglar. 
  2. Test your home security: lock yourself out of the house and try to get back in (without a key). If you can do it, then there is no doubt a burglar will be able to as well.
  3. If you are away overnight don’t forget to cancel deliveries like milk or newspapers.
  4. Keep your house as lit up as possible at night. Install lights near all outside entrances.
  5. If possible leave a car parked in the driveway, maybe ask a neighbour to park there while you are away.
  6. If you are out and about in the evening, leave a light or two on to make it look like someone is home. It’s also a good idea to leave a radio on.
  7. When you buy new appliances such as a flat screen TV, dispose of the packaging carefully. Don’t leave the box outside your house. You may as well put up a "rob me" sign.
  8. Don’t leave any valuables such as cash or jewellery lying around or hidden in obvious places. Make sure they are securely stored. Always take photos of valuable jewellery for insurance purposes. Ensure you have adequate insurance cover for valuables.
  9. Use of gravel on your driveway or pathways to your property can act as a deterrent to burglars.
  10. Keep hedges and shrubbery well clipped as they can act as a hiding place for thieves.