Intruder Alarms

Intruder Alarms

Phonewatch Intruder Alarm System

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Orbit’s Home Security Solution offers a superior level of protection at a competitive cost, including excellent customer service and monitoring rates.

Our PhoneWatch smart home security system reduces the risk of burglary at your home by two to three times. Burglars will commit crimes somewhere else when confronted with a burglar alarm system -particularly if your home security system is monitored. A home security system will also reduce your insurance rates by up to 20 percent.

Wireless Monitored Alarm System

  • Alarm Monitoring – We can install systems in any home or commercial premises which can then be monitored by our staff in our Security Monitoring Centre on a 24 hour, 7 days a week basis. Once a monitored alarm is activated it is received by our alarm Monitoring Station, all the appropriate steps are taken including contacting the keyholders and/or Gardaí.
  • Cost Savings – because minimal cabling is required, considerable savings can be made over the traditional wired form of alarm systems.
  • No Disruption on Installation – our trained engineers will have your home and/or business premises protected in hours, with virtually no disruption to your home or business operations.
  • Leading Technology – We use alarm systems developed by market leaders in Intruder Alarm Systems ensuring that you have the guarantee of a system designed and built to the most demanding standards. We will install the most appropriate alarm system for your premises choosing from a large variety of alarms including cordless and wireless alarm systems. Intruder alarms uses a narrow band radio frequency (868mhz) and is secure against interference from radio products.
  • Rich in Features – with a fully functional remote control and voice recognition from the system stating armed/disarmed and open circuits,the system is very easy to use.

How does alarm monitoring work?

If an intruder alarm activates, the manned control room at Orbit Security will be alerted to the activation. One of the trained staff members will then proceed to notify the keyholders and the Gardaí.

Useful Security Tips

In addition to installing an effective monitored alarm system, there are some simple procedures you can undertake to ensure that your property is secure:
  • Make sure all windows and doors are locked when the property is vacant.
  • Leave a light on at night.
  • When going on holiday, inform your neighbours and ask a friend/keyholder to collect your post.
  • Do not announce holiday plans on Facebook or on any social media sites.

For more information on protecting your property

Call us today on 01 55 46246 or 074 91 28989 to take advantage of our limited special offer on our intruder alarm system to protect your home or commercial premises.