Mobile Patrol

Mobile Patrol

Orbit Security Mobile Patrol

Mobile Patrol Services

Mobile patrols are a very effective visible deterrent for commercial and residential properties and for construction sites. Mobile patrols will deter the threat of theft and remove any unauthorised people off site.

How Mobile Patrols Services are Carried out

A trained, uniformed security guard, operating from a company vehicle that is fully equipped with radio communications devices will visit premises and carry out a patrol on foot, as required of the premises periodically during the night. Mobile patrols not only deter criminal activities but also alert the owner or occupant of the premises to unforeseen events such as fires or flooding. Mobile Patrolling guards can also respond to alarm activations in a prompt manner.

Reporting from Mobile Patrolling Operations

Our fitted radio communication vehicles allow our mobile patrol officers to alert Gardaí if necessary. Our vehicles are in contact with our security offices 24 hours a day. We have tracking systems that will record all site visits and generate weekly reports for the owner or manager of the site or property being patrolled.

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